The kayaker will perform the tasks of provisioning, piloting and assistance of the swimmer under the established rules..

The kayaker is responsible for the direction of the kayak and the trajectory of the swimmer

The kayaker must keep the swimmer in the stream to take advantage of the maximum speed of the river.

The kayaker must sail at the appropriate speed to accompany the swimmer adjusting their pace.

The kayaker visualizes and warns of the path to follow. Do not trace the curves.

The kayaker should ensure that the swimmer is about 3 meters on the side that breathes.

The kayaker should never stand in front of the swimmer. This is considered drafting and it means disqualification.

The swimmer can approach at the time of the refreshment.

If the kayaker detects any anomaly in the swimmer such as extreme fatigue, dehydration, hypothermia, insolation, dizziness or vomiting, the swimmer's emergency protocol must be initiated.

If the kayaker has to stop, retreat or advance for any reason, he must warn his swimmer and another kayaker of a nearby swimmer or navigator to watch his swimmer.

In case of emergency, follow the protocol defined by the organization.

The kayaker must be active in the swimmer's spirits, but he must also be realistic towards the swimmer's state and skills and not demand any effort that would harm the swimmer.

Race day operation. Kayaker.

Meeting Point. Official Hotel.

The swimmer will deliver his supplies and auxiliary material to his kayaker.

The kayaker will board the bus towards Xerta

The organization will deliver to the kayaker two stickers that must be put in the assigned kayak.

Kayak Start. Xerta

The kayaker will put the stickers to your kayak.

The kayaker will enter the river in order of swimmer number.

The kayaker will be put in battery by number order.

The kayaker will wait for the security team to call their number to join their swimmer. This wait will be silent because it is the most critical operation.

Finish. Amposta

The kayaker will exit the river by the ramp of the Amposta pier where they will pick up the kayak.

The kayaker will take the waste to the containers that are in the finish area.

The kayaker can access the finish area and enjoy the provisioning, recovery and changing rooms services.

Coordination between kayaker and swimmer

The kayaker must know on which side wants the swimmer to be accompanied

The kayaker must know how to adjust his speed to swimmer's

The kayaker must know when, how and what he has to give the swimmer in each provisioning

The kayaker and the swimmer have to agree on the signals they will use to facilitate their communication.

Service and evacuation protocol. Kayaker.

The kayaker will warn his swimmer of his indisposition without affecting the competition.

The kayaker must notify another kayaker of a nearby swimmer to watch his swimmer.

The kayaker will notify the safety management, kayak coordinator or boat coordinator via telephone to address the incident.

If the incident is not resolved and must be removed from the river, a support kayaker will be notified to relieve it.

If the swimmer decides to quit in solidarity with his kayaker, he must notify the competition control or competition management.

The participant will be towed by a boat that will transfer the participant to the nearest evacuation point.

Depending on the severity of the incident, the participant will be transferred to the nearest ambulance location.

At this point the participant will be attended and it will be determined if they can attend at this point or if they need a transfer to a hospital.


Each kayaker will receive an accreditation to move around the competition spaces and related to the event.

Each kayaker will receive a set of stickers to put on the kayak with the name and the number of the swimmer.

Each kayaker must carry a basket to supply the swimmer. If you do not have one, you must notify the organization that you will provide one that must be returned at the finish.


Each kayaker must bring their own supplies.

The swimmer must deliver to the kayaker their provisioning before the bus transfers to the start points.

The swimmer will approach in front of the kayak without being able to catch the boat, row or any other element that could be used to tow the swimmer, which would imply disqualification.

The provisioning can also be done standing up or at a fixed point, but without taking any advantage advancing the position, which would lead to disqualification.

The swimmers will ask for the product and will be supplied by baskets to catch the product.

The waste will be deposited in the same basket, respecting the river and its conservation.

We recommend hydrating every 30' and taking solid food.

A good nutrition and hydration during the whole crossing can avoid moments of extreme fatigue at the end of the swim and cramps at the water exit.

Mandatory material


Telephone card and emergency protocol.

Map of the crossing.

Set of adhesive numbers.

Basket to supply the swimmer.

Bag for waste.

Personal supplies.

Mobile phone in a sealed case.



Lifejacket or Personal Flotation Device, PFD.

Recommended material.

Sunglasses with UV protection, we recommend dark, mirror or polarized glasses.

Solar protection with high SPF

Hat or cap

Action camera.


Drag leash


The kayaks we provide are open or "sit on top" and these are the models available.

TYPE 1: Length: 4,15m, width: 0,62m.

TYPE 2: Length: 4,30m, width: 0,65m


We recommend a specific training to face this crossing paddling beside a swimmer.


We propose an official hotel to spend the nights before and after the UltraEbre Swim Marathon with special rates for participants and guests.

More information at Services → Accomodation

Check-in & Welcome Pack

The accreditations will be available from Wednesday at the Official Hotel, to enjoy the additional services and activities.

The registration check-in and the collection of the material for participants will be held at the Official Hotel.

  • Thursday. 16:00 to 20:00.

  • Friday. 16:00 to 20:00.


The briefing UltraEbre Marathon Swim will be on Friday at 19:00 in the Official Hotel .


The transfer of the participants of the Saturday will be done with coaches

  • Swimmers. 5:45 Official Hotel - Tivenys

  • Kayakers. 5:40 Official Hotel - Xerta

  • All participants. 15:30. Tourist Office, Amposta - Official Hotel


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