Do you want to be part of ULTRAEBRE SWIM MARATHON crew?

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If you love dealing with the swimmers, kayakers and public this is the job for you.

Welcome and provide assistance at the Hotel

Provide general information inside competition venues

Help people with a disability move around inside the venue

Help in the award ceremony

Provide assistance to sponsors and partners

If you are drawn to activities related to communications, photography and content production, you could be responsible for:

Producing content for various communications channels

Releasing competition results to the press


Do you want to live an amazing experience?

Help our swimmers to reach the goal

You have to feed, help and guide your swimmer

You will be the reference for the last kilometers, the helping hand and the first of sharing the emotions of the challenge. Exciting, isn't it?

Help us to prepare the start and finish areas

Organize, decorate and order the spaces and bring them back to normality

Help swimmers to fix the tattoos

Provide the kayaks and baskets for kayakers

Help kayakers to fix the numbers

Collect the swimmer and kayaker bags

Collect kayaks, attend provisioning and return bags in the finish area



JUST WRITE US AN This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.OR FILL THE FORM

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