Each participant will receive an acdreditation to move through the reace area and the related spaces.

Each swimmer should use the swim cap provided by the organization. This is mandatory.

Each swimmer must wear the chip on the wrist to record their time and to be identified during the race.

Each swimmer will receive a set of tattoos with their race number to be put on the skin before putting cream or any substance. The tattoos will be placed in the hands, shoulders and shoulder blades.

Each kayaker will receive a set of numbers to stick in their kayak


Each swimmer is required to carry a kayaker who will join the UltraEbre at Xerta.

If the swimmer does not have kayaker, the organization provides you the kayaker hiring service at the time of enrollment.

The kayaker will perform provisioning tasks, piloting and helps the swimmer under the rules.


The provisioning will be made closer to the kayak, unable to catch the boat, row or any other element that can be used to tow the swimmer, a fact thast would entail disqualification:

The provisioning can be also done stasnding or in a fixed point, but without taking any advantage advancing the position, a fact that would entail disqualification.

Swimmers will ask for the product and supplied by baskets to take the product.

The waste will be depposited in the same basket, respecting the river and its preservation.

We recommend each swimmer bring their own supplies to avoid incompabilities between technical products commonly consumed and provided by the organization.

We recommend hydrating every 30 minutes and take solid food.

Recommended material.

Goggles with UV protection, we recommend dark, mirrored or polarized glasses.

Body protection, cream by mixing vaseline and lanolin.

High factor sun protection cream


The kayaks we provide are open or "sit on top" and these are the models available.

BAHIA: Length: 4,15m, width: 0,62m.

DISCO: Length: 4,30m, width: 0,65m


Sector 1. Tivenys to Tortosa, the river is favorable, with strong currents, you can swim in an average time of two hours, swimming approximately 15.000 meters. You can reach speeds of 10 km/h..

Sector 2. Tortosa to Campredó, The current falls and the river widens and the time increases considerably for swimming the following 10.000 meters. In this sector seize the rest of current strength and a good navigation are essential.

Sector 3. Campredó to Amposta, to swim the reamining 5.230 meters is more difficult and where the kayaker should encourage their swimmer. In addition to the accumulated fatigue, mental fatigue and the vision of the goal we can find us with winds from the east thath difficult our progress, even creating the sensation of swimming upstream. The sea breeze is more present on shiny days and usually appears after noon.

Good nutrition and hydration throughout the race can avoid moments of extreme fatigue at the end of the race and cramps when leaving the water. For this reason, primarily, the goal is done into the water, so the swimmer may take time to cool down and exit the water.


We recommend a specific training to face this challenge and do some long distance race under FINA rules.

If you have no training course to follow, you can contact usby email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will contact our coach availilable to xswimmers to prepare the demanding UltraEbre Swim Marathon with a personalized training packs according to level, objective, availability and swimmer characteristics. Also give you advices on provisioning and race tactics.


We propose an official hotel to spend the nights befor and after the UltraEbre Swim Marathon with special rates for participants and guests.

For further information about accomodation click on the following link.

Collecting material

The collection of the material for participants will be held at the Official Hotel.

  • Thursday. 17:00 to 19:00.
  • Friday. 9:00 to 13:00.
  • Friday. 16:00 to 20:00.


The UltraEbre Swim Marathon briefing will take place on Friday at 19:00 the Official Hotel


Transfers of participants by coach

  • Swimmers:
    • 5:20 Official Hotel - Tivenys pier
  • Kayakers:
    • 5:25 Official Hotel - Xerta pier
  • All the participants UltraEbre Swim Marathon.
    • 15:30 Tourism office, Amposta - Official Hotel

Timing and results management

The race will be electronic chip timing. Each swimmer must wear the chip on their wrist.

To record the time, the swimmer must touch the plate in the water and pass underneath.

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