Sector 1. Tivenys-Tortosa.

This section, also known as the five-islands, we divide it into two stages. In general we find a sector with strong current sections that decreases at points where the river widens.

The first stage visits the Masos and La Plana Islands, going Xerta, reaching Bitem in a section where river slows.

In the second stage we will pass the Audí Islandsand Xiquina Island which will bring Tortosa through the Pont de l'Estat and the Eiffel Brige reaching the rowing club pier.


Cut point. 3 hours. Tortosa pier.

Midpoint of the course. Appearance of the river changes. End of a narrow river with a favorable stream and changes to a wide river with a very smooth stream.


Sector 2. Tortosa-Campredó.

A sector that take us through the Pont del Mil·lenari, Millenium Bridge, brings the Illa dels Bous, Bulls Island, and leads to the modern pier of the Tortosa Rowing Club at Campredó. From here the river is losing speed until the Campredó pier, where you begin to feel the effects of the wind and the sea.


Cut point. 6 hours. Campredó pier.

Complicated point of the course, only 6 kilometres left to the finish line where the wind and the sea influence may difficult the success of the swim.


Sector 3. Campredó-Amposta.

The last section, where the river surface is against us by the effects of the sea wind and you can even find the effect of current against us. Four birges beginning in the pipeline followed by a long straight until the last three bridges, the train, the highway and the suspension bridge, Amposta's door to the end of the journey.

Maximum time: 8 hours.

Exception of FINA Open Waters Rules that gives two hours since the arrival of the first swimmer.





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