The UltraEbre Swim Marathon requires training months in advance, not only physical training and also take into account the importance of sports nutrition, which depends on the hardness and intensity of the challenge and our workouts to not falter energy level and provide muscles with all the nutrients they need to develop the activity.

A proper eating plan that allows us to always have the energy we need to get optimize performance and achieve our objectives. In addition we help to reduce the risk of injury and improve our immune status. Has been established that individualized nutritional guidelines and training voyages in delaying the onset of hypoglycemia (causing fatigue) that is the major cause of decreased performance and neglect.

At xswim project that we think we have to be experts in sports nutrition who should direct patterns, and therefore, we trust in the professionals of Nutriexper, offering their services.

These services are aimed at improving the nutritional status, body composition and athletic performance, preparing either through visits or isolated setting up programs according to their calendar of competitions and training sessions, lasting three, six, nine or twelve months.

All programs include individualized menus and modifications that are needed to meet the sporting challenges we propose within months of the program.

There will also be free online advising and consulting for the athlete feels always accompanied and can answer your questions.

In addition, if you are enrolled in one of the xswim project events you will benefit from a first informative visit with a free assessing body composition by bioimpedance electronics.

If you have any doubt or question about nutrition, you only have to send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or fill the form.

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