• The opening day of entries is July 1, 2024 at 00:00 hours.
  • The registration deadline on June 1, 2025 at 23:59 hours or have filled all the available slots.  


  • Limited to 50 participants
  • Waiting list open until 100 participants.
  • The registration is personal and not transferable, since the fact of registering implies the acceptance of these rules


  • Right to participate
  • Hiring of a single kayak
  • Access to briefing the day after.
  • Coach tranfers the day of the trial.
    • SWIMMERS: Tortosa-Tivenys
    • KAYAKERS: Tortosa-Xerta
    • ALL: Amposta-Tortosa
  • Access to restricted zone of the finish area
  • Security, rescue, medical and physiotherapy services
  • Supplies in the finish area
  • Swimmer bag
  • Kayaker bag
  • Access to free practice in the river
  • Access to Tivenys and Amposta pools from Wednesday after until Sunday before the trial
  • Access to UltraEbre Swim Marathon press conference
  • Access to speeches and lectures the previous days
  • Other advantatges


Taula de preus / Tabla de precios / Price list  
Inscripció / Inscripción / Registration  
SINGLE (1 Swimmer + 1 Kayaker) 220,00 €
COUPLE (2 Swimmer + 1 Kayaker) 330,00 €
Opcions / Opciones / Options  
Assegurança de devolució / Seguro de devolución / Refund Insurance 30,00€
Extres / Extras / Extras  
Contracta kayaker / Contrata kayaker / Contract Kayaker 120,00€

Refund insurance

  • Once confirmed registration and for any reason you can not participate, we have created a Registrarion Refund Insurance. This is optional and only is engaged at the time of enrollment
  • Import: 30 euros
    • Until 2 monts before the event, entry and contracted services 100% refund
    • Until 1 month before the event, entry and contracted services 50% refund


  • If you do not have own kayaker the participant must hire one at the price of 100 euros.
  • If you want to have a double kayak for own kayakers will be an additional cost of 100 euros.
  • If you want to have an additional single kayak with own kayaker will be an additional cost of 100 euros and 120 euros if the kayak is twofold.

Medical certificate

The organization will request the participant a medical certificate that verifies the physical condition and the capacity to participate in the event. You will have to download and fill the following form.


We recommend swimmers should have a swimming license in course from their local or national federation.


Descomptes / Descuentos / Discount          
Inscripció / Inscripción / Registration  
Last year swimmer (2024) 25%
Old Swimmer (5 or + times finisher) 50%

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